Many thanks to all of you who have submitted an abstract to the IWEMM8 or to the TAUESG6 conference.

We are delighted with the large number of submissions received!

The international scientific committee will present the almost finalized scientific program by the end of August.

We contacted each corresponding author since the review process is now going on.


Thank you for your patience and see you soon in Cahors!



Due to many presentations, the congress will start at 8:00 AM on October the 10th. We recommend that scientists and participants coming from far away arrive in Cahors on the eve of the conference, that is to say on October the 9th. The registration form for accommodation has been adjusted for that.


Welcome everyone at the 8th International Workshop on Edible Mycorrhizal Mushrooms (IWEMM8) and the Sixth Congress Tuber aestivum / uncinatum  European Scientific Group (TAUESG 6), October, 10-17, 2016, Cahors, France.

 These important scientific events will take place in the truffle area of Cahors, an historic city of the South-West of France. Previous IWEMM had been held in Sweden, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, China, Morocco and Guatemala where important information about diversity, ecology, cultivation and production of wild edible mycorrhizal mushrooms was provided as well as new species from all continents. The Tuber aestivum / uncinatum European Scientific Group (TAUESG) is mainly involved in Europe for studying and promoting Tuber aestivum. Its last conference was held in England in August 2015. 


REGISTRATION is opened and CALL FOR PAPERS is closed.

Downloads the forms for Registration on the pages Congress, Accomodations, Post-Congress.


We are all amazed by the evolutionary paths, capability for symbiotic processes with vegetal species, and the rich and diverse information (cultivation, management, gastronomy) related to expensive and valuable truffle and mushrooms species like the black truffle, Tuber melanosporum well-known all over the world and many other wonderful edible mycorrhizal species.

Cahors is the capital of the area of Quercy where black truffle and a large diversity of mycorrhizal truffles and mushrooms are collected or cultivated. Quercy offers many interesting places to visit because of its nature, kind people, history, culture, landscapes, gastronomy, art, shopping, businesses, hospitality, and much more. Quercy’s human and mycological wonders make every visitor wishful to stay longer and come back again.

Please do not miss this opportunity to join us in this friendly workshop where fascinating science, nature and culture will be perfectly blended!